Our Promise To You


The students will have the chance to expand their vision of the future, and be a positive influence on their community by supporting the youth through a scientific and project-based approach to learning.

Compassionate Leadership

Leadership skills taught to high school students can empower them to have a positive impact on society and ultimately change the world for the better.

Innovation in Education

Supporting innovations in educational intervention is possible when we encourage active listening and adapt the educational approach. We want to inspire educators to integrate their interventions with the ideas coming from the youth they seek to help.

Science-Driven (STEM)

The STEM acronym stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. We offer STEM-focused grants and awards to encourage young people to explore and experiment with innovative ideas.

Putting It All Together

In keeping with our integrated approach, we are devoted to further developing these promises through effective collaboration and leadership.

A Few Words About Us

We are "Giving Back to the Community Arm" of Vistas, Technology to Inspire

Vistas Foundation serves the community with a mission based on the belief that Innovation and Science are keys to a better world. We want to support innovative ideas from students and provide educational opportunities by funding classroom projects and developing professional skills.

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